Chairman's Message

My dear Students,

With the solemn desire to promote quality education, we dedicate Gandhi P.R. College to the Nation. It was the vision, it was the will,which led us to success and is continuing tolead us. It was the unflinching quest or excellence since 1999 that took us to new heights. The dedication and commitment to quality made us unique. We are indeed grateful to all of you for your kind support which has served as a source of inspiration and encouragement for us to strive for excellence. People of Bhopal no doubt have an institution which could fulfill their demands of quality education.

My objective to start Gandhi P.R. College as to make education available to all who are desirous of getting it. I also visualised that social transformation can be brought about through the medium of dynamic institution.The strength of this nstitute lies in the relationship amongst the juniors, seniors,performers and parents. We have always tried to provide better services and facilities through improved infrastructure and better education by ncorporating innovative methods. It is knowledge made accessible through the latest technology aids of education. We bring to them today's world and they create their world of tomorrow.Education is a journey from childhood to adulthood and we at Gandhi P.R. College wish to make this journey an exciting and fulfilling one.You are aware that the challenges of the 21st century are to be met by all of us. There is paradigm shift in relevance of knowledge in all the fields.We at Gandhi P.R. College have equipped ourselves with excellent infrastructure,innovative methods of teaching, modern teaching facilities and staff ith vision and proficiency in their fields to embark on this knowledge revolution.

We believe in being pro-active to stimulate you to achieve maximum success in your chosen field.Efficient Administration knowledgeable professors, bright students, never ending opportunities and a healthy environment are the ive strong pillars which make the sacred temple of knowledge. Gandhi P.R. College is a unique and enviable one.We believe that you are coming here with many dreams, we will help you to bring them into reality. Student's efforts and our vision have worked wonders and many students of our institutions have chieved excellent success in their respective fields of studies in India and abroad. We look forward to elcoming you to our campus and are confident that Gandhi P.R.College will be your stepping stone to a successful professional career. With best wishes.