About Us


It's a journey from childhood to adulthood and we at Gandhi P.R. College wish to make this journey an exciting and fulfilling one. You are aware that the challenges of the 21st century are to be met by all of us. There is paradigm shift in relevance of knowledge in all the fields. We at Gandhi P.R. College have equipped ourselves with excellent infrastructure, innovative methods of teaching, modern teaching facilities and staff with vision and proficiency in their fields to embark on this knowledge revolution. We believe in being pro-active to stimulate you to achieve maximum success in your chosen field. Efficient Administration knowledgeable professors, bright students, never ending opportunities and a healthy environment are the five strong pillars which make the sacred temple of knowledge. Gandhi P.R. College is a unique and enviable one. We believe that you are coming here with many dreams, we will help you to bring them into reality. Student's efforts and our vision have worked wonders and many students of our institutions have achieved excellent success in their respective fields of studies in India and abroad. We look forward to welcoming you to our campus and are confident that Gandhi P.R. College will be your stepping stone to a successful professional career. With best wishes.


To inculcate into the students the required competence, expertise and professionalism, and to deliver superior graduates having high levels of aptitude, positive attitude
and sense of social responsibility, such that they develop into better human beings and become more productive and efficient for the industry and the society.


The Gandhi P.R. College proposes to undertake the cause of education as a mission in community service. It is inspired and guided by outstanding personalities and educationists of high repute who are devoted and dedicated to provide value oriented education. Our mission is, to prepare students to become self reliant, productive individuals with clarity, precision and independence, to inspire students to embrace challenge to find joy and self-worth through achievement.Gandhi P.R. College is an institution dedicated to impart quality education. Our aim is to make the students excellent performers with utmost self-confidence and practical wisdom, so as to be successful in whatever field of activates they get involved after education. The education should inculcate in student's strength, confidence,discipline, character and achieve higher values of life. We lay stress on all round personality and leadership development of our students through academics, sports and co-curricular activities. We seek to impart education as a means of providing students with a philosophy of life, thereby facilitating their over all growth. We ensure development of thinking, learning, analytical, technological and sports skills in each of students, to mould them into responsible, balanced human beings who will prove their mettle on the global stage.


The College is Hindi & English medium co-educational institute based on modern concept in education and management, the College curriculum, teaching methodology, teacher student interaction, training inputs are based on the latest thoughts and trends in education. The College will run on lines of modern principles in management science especially emphasizing upon the importance of human resources.Efficient administration, knowledgeable professor, bright students,neverending opportunities and a healthy environment are the five strong pillars which make the sacred temple of knowledge, Gandhi P.R. College, a unique and enviable one.

• To promote and endorse high quality education
• To strengthen itself through national & international collaborations
• To promote and endorse community service
• To consistently anticipate and respond as per the needs of the industry