Welcome to Gandhi P.R. College

With the solemn desire to promote quality education, we dedicate Gandhi P.R. College to the Nation. It was the vision, it was the will, which led us to success and is continuing to lead us. It was the unflinching quest for excellence since 1999 that took us to new heights. The dedication and commitment to quality made us unique. We are indeed grateful to all of you for your kind support which has served as a source of inspiration and encouragement for us to strive for excellence. People of Bhopal no doubt have an institution which could fulfill their demands of quality education. My objective to start Gandhi P.R. College was to make education available to all who are desirous of getting it. I also visualised that social transformation can be brought about through the medium of dynamic institution. The strength of this institute lies in the relationship amongst the juniors, seniors, performers and parents. We have always tried to provide better services and facilities through improved infrastructure and better education by incorporating innovative methods. It is knowledge made accessible through the latest technology aids of education. We bring to them today's world and they create their world of tomorrow.

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Our Vision

To inculcate into the students the required competence, expertise and professionalism, and to deliver superior graduates having high levels of aptitude, positive attitude and sense of social responsibility....(read more)

  Principal's Message
In a rapid transforming Economic & Business Environment, fast innovation and new ideas are edefining the existing Business variables giving new way for doing Business.... (read more)
  Our Differentiators
• Absolutely No Fine on students
• Supported & Promoted by Focus Education & Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd
• We emphasizes on QUALITY rather than Quantity....(read more)
  North Star
Just as, the North Star (or Pole star) has historically been used for navigation by lost campers to find their way back home, Our College has identified a North Star for itself which is: “To become one of the most prestigious institute in Madhya Pradesh”.... (read more)
Application form for the admission in First year of any Graduate courses will be issued after declaration of 10+2 result by Board of Secondary Education and in other classes the application forms will be issued after the declaration of University result and it must be received before the last date decided by the college..... (read more)